Still frame from “Noel”
The principal actors (including myself) on set for “Love Thy Children” 2019
On set for “The Hastings” on the Warner Brothers Studio Lot in Burbank C.A.
“Ask Aldo” comedy short produced by ComedyFlo
Scene from “Benny”
“Benny” behind the scenes
Scene from “Concurrence”





“The Hastings” still frame
“Noel” Still frame
ADR work on the “Hastings”
“Choices Bail Bonds” still frame
“Love” still frame
On set “Concurence”


Hexengeddon (feature) scheduled for 2019 pre-production Director: Natasha Straley for Relentless Films

Love Thy Children (short) 2019 Director: Stefanos Papageorggiou Produced by: Vasisth Sukul

Ask Aldo (short) 2019 Director: John Olson ComedyFlo Production

The Fanatic (feature) 2019 Director: Fred Durst

Raising Ants (short) 2018 Director: Miguel Angel Tamayo

Paradise Way (short) 2018 Director: Miguel Angel Tamayo

The Hastings (short) 2017 Director: Miguel Miller

Concurrence (short) 2017 Director: Alain Vega

Noel (short) 2017 Director: Andrew Allen

Benny (short) 2016 Director: Dun Jin

“Paradise Way” still frame

Love (short) 2016 Director: Dun Jin

Choices Bail Bonds (TV Pilot) 2017 Creator: Tabitha Russell