My name is Marcela and I was born in Evanston, Illinois. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, my first passion in life was dance. This changed when an opportunity to go to a “cattle-call” for a Disney film gave me the unique experience of being flown to Burbank, C.A. for a screen-test. Although I didn’t land the role, it was all I needed to decide, then and there, this was what I wanted in life, to be an actor in film. Returning to my home from this experience, I was able to land commercial work which allowed me to obtain my SAG card. Throughout my adolescence and into young adulthood I continued working. At some point, I felt that I needed to break away to gain real life experiences that would make me a better person and in turn a better actor. So, that is exactly what I did. I have now returned to my passion, with a much better understanding of people and of the world. Excited to not only return, I am laser-focused on my career and remain faithful to my dream, to consistently work on film projects that inspire me and in turn entertains and inspires moviegoers. Below, this is a photograph taken in Burbank, C.A. the day of my screen-test. My mom was so excited for me and nobody can deny my excitement (check out that huge smile)!

Photo credit: Colin Michael Kitchens (Associate Producer for Return to Oz)IMG_6025